José Borghi Talks about Advertising Impacting Marketing

Currently, Mullen Lowe CEO is José Borghi. He knows that Brazil is going through a rough phase. But he also says that a crisis is just the right opportunity for advertisers as they can truly make their work relevant to marketing now. All that they need to do is to develop the strategy in a proper manner and read full article.

Typically during a crisis, business owners tend to cut on their marketing. This is very unfortunate. The step is taken as marketing is considered as an assist tool for the sales department. But during times of economic instability, such as the one that is going on in Brazil right now, the marketing department becomes much more important.

In 2016, inflation in Brazil reached very high levels. This influences the pricing of products as well as services. It is the job of the marketing departments to develop creative strategies that can mitigate this impact of economic instability.

José Borghi says that during difficult times, advertising is essential in order to ensure that brands stay strong. This is because marketing gains much more incentive at this time.

He says that advertising is not only about the presentation of products as well as services to the end consumers. Rather, it is an integral part of all strategies that are integral to any brand. Marketing has to partner with all the departments of a company. This is why marketing plays such a major role in ensuring that the company is able to reach its outlined goals. This can happen only through strategic planning, managing of various activities, analyzing the metrics and correcting all the eventual failures and what Jose knows.

The marketing department can easily analyze the market situation. This would help to prevent against any forthcoming moments of instability. Hence strategies can be created in order to mitigate any effects of a crisis.

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