OSI Group And The Progress It Is Making In China

If you fast-food junkie, OSI Group and David McDonald are two names you are familiar with. OSI Group is one of the leading global companies in the first food industries and Mr. David McDonald is the name at the helm of everything. The company first opened its doors on 12th September 1992 in Beijing China and ever since it has grown in leaps and bounds to its current stature.

Currently OSI Group is reputable distributor of value-added items such as beef patties, pizza, sandwiches and sausage links in the china market. The company has over 50 facilities in approximately 17 countries however plans to expand its market in China are underway. The Chinese market is quite important to OSI Group for a number of reasons. One, the Chinese economy. Arguably, China tops the list of countries with the fastest growing consumer market globally. With the power of their population, the Chinese people contribute greatly in making their economy vibrant. As a result of this, the OSI group is seeking to increase its operations in an effort to keep up with the demand of the people.

The second reason for the planned expansion of OSI Group china is the success of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. As one of the leading supplier of first food products, OSI china was able to supply a total of 113 tons of eggs, beef, dehydrated onion, pork and chicken without receiving any complains about their products. This status was able to give the company a reputation hence getting the tender to supply to well-known brands in the market such as Yum, Starbucks, Papa John’s and Burger king.

Thanks to these reasons, OSI Group is able to expand into the china market confident of its services and products. President David McDonald is confident of every move made by the company and guarantees that it will not only be profitable to them but also add value to the consumer’s product.

About David McDonald

Mr. David McDonald is the current President OSI Group LLC where he has served since 1987. In addition to this McDonald has served as the chairperson of North American Meat Institute. He is BS graduate of Iowa State University, 1987.

David McDonald OSI Group is very dedicated when it comes to running the company. With his much valuable industry experience, there is no doubt that the OSI group will continue with its market dominance years to come.

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