Oncotarget Is Rising In Popularity

The peer-review in Oncotarget has been quite insightful. This has helped to maximize the advantages of research. This has led to its rising popularity. The peer reviews are constructive and punctual. Besides, there are multiple peer-reviews, and this helps the authors a lot.

The members of its Editorial Board are an accomplished lot. This would include Carlo M. Croce. He is the former Editor-in-Chief of Cancer Research. Next is Andrew Schally. He is an accomplished Nobel Prize winner. Both of them have published 27 as well as 10 papers respectively in this, Oncotarget.

4 members of Oncotarget/Oncoscience/Gerotarget are the winners of the Breakthrough Prize. This is the highest prize, and it is a record achievement too. The winners are Bert Vogelstein, besides Michael N. Hall, and Alexander Varshavsky along with Stephen J. Elledge.

Oncotarget is the sponsor for the Gordon Research Conference. It is highly popular. This is why today Oncotarget is accepting papers that are on topics which are beyond oncology. They would include subjects such as neuroscience, endocrinology, besides cardiology and metabolism. Other subjects include cell biology, other areas of pharmacology and so on. The journal is peer reviewed and is published by Impact Journals.

Oncotarget has made a special offer. For those who feel that their paper has been mistakenly rejected by any other leading journal, they can submit it to Oncotarget. They need to do so along with the peer-reviews from the other journal and the rebuttal letter too.

It is the term “oncotarget” that says it all. It denotes all molecules, their pathways, the cellular functions which are common in cancer aging and in neuro-degeneration too. Along with this is atherosclerosis, lymphocytes besides neurons along with cancer cells and microbes.

Today Oncotarget is considered as a multidisciplinary journal allowing free-access. Oncotarget is now publishing its papers online. There are weekly issues that are coming out. Any issue or paper can be printed on special demand.

The mission here is to ensure easy and fast access to scientific results. This way Oncotarget will be able to maximize this impact of research. All this can be made possible only through having an insightful review. This would allow the sharing of exceptional discoveries. All this can now be done quickly. The borders between specialties also disappear this way. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

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