Fabletics is a company for fashion products. It started in 2013 when founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg had an idea. They wanted to create an athleisure brand, and the first person they thought of to represent it was Kate Hudson. She had a number of characteristics that made her a great fit for the role. She was very involved from the beginning of the process. She helped get the name out on social media, she helped with the budget, she kept track of top selling products, she was just very hands on the entire time. Picking the right character for this type of brand was very important. The person they pick has to look like they would actually be someone to wear their outfits. Kate Hudson was someone who would likely be wearing Fabletics products around on a daily basis. Although the company is now experiencing great success, that wasn’t always the case. The company experienced a few problems early on, such as having to trash a $300,000 dollar inventory. Kate received hateful remarks on social media claiming the entire thing was a scam. With all these problems, the company made some changes. Within 18 months of upgraded services, Fabletics had attained a top rating from the Better Business Bureau. The company has increased sales drastically and has had great success. Kate Hudson however, does not plan on letting this take her away from acting. She stated that she still plans to spend most time as an actress on top of being the face of the successful company.

Fabletics has increased their sales by an astounding number. In the past four years, the company has expanded their business by over 200%. They have over a million paying customers. So what is the cause of this shift? Fabletics has one very important factor to thank for their success: customer reviews. Customer reviews are one of, if not the most important first impression for a business. Customer reviews are actually very important to the amount of customers that a business will attain. In a report that was surveyed by a group of consumers, “..60% said that negative reviews cause them to not use a business..” Additionally, “A recent BrightLocal study found that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from someone they know”. Obviously, with these statistics, it can be assumed that the reviews a company is receiving is going to correspond with the success of the company itself. Fabletics had a number problems at the beginning. When detrimental changes were made to the company, one of them was upgrading the customer service department. When customers need help, which they do a lot- the first thing they will think to do is ask the customer service department. If they have a very pleasant experience with the service member, it greatly increases their odds to write a good review. This review is then seen by a number of consumers. As shown in Fabletics, the customer is powerful.

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