Desiree Perez, the Face of Successful Women

In the music industry currently, some women are nothing short of being household names. These women have made great strides in the music industry. They have been able to see talent and tap it and negotiated their way into making among the most prominent deals in the industry.

One such woman is Desiree Perez. A woman who at only 47 years of age has already achieved so much. Desiree Perez was in 2009 nominated for 1st Primetime Emmy Award. She has, more than once, shown that she can indeed be a force to reckon with. Desiree Perez has proven to be tenacious, especially when it comes to negotiating with clients. She was able to close a $200 million deal with Sprint’s, and

Evidently, her prowess in money matters remains unquestionable.

Since the year 2009, she has been the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation. In this capacity, she has been greatly involved in publishing and labeling. Desiree Perez also belongs to the collective known as Hova Circle of Influence. This collective works to ensure than Roc Nation and Tidal are operating their activities smoothly.

When it comes to bringing in the numbers for artists, she does not disappoint. She has been the one to go to when one needs to release a video. An excellent example of this is seen through Beyoncé. She was involved in the release of one of her videos. This indeed was a great achievement because an artist like Beyoncé is known the world over. In addition to that, she was also involved in Rihanna’s deal with Samsung. She is also a close associate to the famous music artist Jay Z.

While doing her work, Desiree Perez goes beyond just ensuring the success of the company. She ensures that the artist with whom she is working with, also ends up victorious. This is the epitome of prowess, and

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