How Sheldon Lavin Grew OSI Group Into A Multinational Company

Sheldon Lavin is an interesting person who made the jump from the world of finance to the world of food production in the middle of his professional career. He spent years helping various companies find financing solutions for funds they needed to grow their business or other reasons. One day in the early 1970s he was put in contact with OSI Group by the Mcdonald’s Corporation. Back then McDonald’s only had a few suppliers of fresh ground beef and OSI Group was one of them. They needed to build another production facility and needed a loan for it. Sheldon Lavin found them a lender and he did such a great job that both McDonald’s and OSI Group would keep in contact with him after the transaction was completed, and learn more about Sheldon Lavin.

After a few years OSI Group and McDonald’s approached Sheldon Lavin about becoming an owner of OSI Group and the top executive. He had been thinking that OSI Group could be a far bigger company with the right leadership and so he joined as the chairman of the board and chief executive officer. At the time the only company that OSI Group sold processed food to was McDonald’s. He set about signing up many more quick-serve chains in the United States. Once this was done and the company had a great financial cushion he started expanding, first across North America, and

Beginning in the 1980s Sheldon Lavin began expanding into Europe, both by opening offices and processing facilities as well as making acquisitions. In the 1990s this expansion started in Asia, especially in China. He is a visionary who saw that China was opening up to outside businesses and was a huge opportunity. First, a huge amount of people live in China. Second, he could see that the government was serious about raising the average income and getting people to the point where they had disposable income. Sheldon Lavin followed up his success in China by expanding into India, a country like China in that it has a massive population that is growing in affluence and so represents a great business opportunity, and more information click here.

Besty DeVos a political fighter

Before president trump rescinded a federal policy that allowed the transgender community of students to access the bathrooms at schools, the U.S Education Secretary Betsy DeVos decided to meet with the Education Department representative of the transgender and gay employees to warn them about the impending news.


When Betsy appeared before the representative, she was backed up by an employee who mentioned that Betsy was against the move when the news was shared at the meeting that happened on Wednesday 22nd Feb 2017. Even though Betsy DeVos was against the move, she indicated no sign of a rift between the Trump administration and her staff, even though she could not win that debate.


Later on, Betsy obeyed the move and even attended the announcement of the new policy that happened the next day where she told the Annual Conservative Political Action Conference that the previous federal guidelines were all an overreach of the Obama administration.


Even though Betsy yielded to what was going on, people know that it’s just a matter of time before she starts getting her way. Betsy seems like a generous woman who holds her calm, but she is known in her home state of being a relentless fighter.


Betsy is known for fighting to provide a tax-credit scholarship program to students. Through her program, Florida became a huge beneficiary through the expansion of the program which has grown to have more than 50,000 students benefiting from the program where students attend a school of their choice.


Her scholarship reach extended to Indiana and Louisiana, where it serves close to a million students each year. Betsy has worked to ensure that the right people are elected who can help to create the right legislation and implement it once it is passed.


Betsy is also keen on seeing a growing number of Democrats who embrace educational choice programs, from the state legislator to the gubernatorial level. For instance, in Florida, which was supported by Republicans is a movement that is being supported by Democrats too. The bipartisan support has been successful because of the grassroots efforts that span different cycles of elections.


Additionally, Betsy has been focused on her educational reform strategies. She is not a supporter of the mindset of assigning students to zip codes; she advocates for the freedom of students to study anywhere they like. Betsy attributes technology as one key ally to her efforts because technology has made it possible to disregard the boundaries of the classroom setup. If this framework is well legislated, it can be a healthy way to ensure education helps children across the country.


Betsy DeVos and her husband have had significant contributions over their life time, from their charitable work, to supporting children at the Potter’s house to supporting the aviation charter school and many others. Their purpose has been inclined in supporting the American education through policies and even reaching out to support kids by taking them through to school.


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