Dr. Saad Saad – recap article

Dr. Saad Saad is the creator of many medical devices. He has patented these devices throughout his medical career, and they have been used to make the jobs of doctors much easier. He has been a dedicated pediatric surgeon for more than 40 years, and he has saved thousands of lives. There are small children that send him thank you cards, and families are forever grateful to him for his great work. Dr. Saad Saad has been the leading surgeon in reducing pain and decreasing the risk of pediatric surgery. He is a very charitable doctor. He has performed surgeries on poor children for no charge, and he has saved their lives. Such an act of kindness and bravery is rare in the world. This is why Dr. Saad Saad is the great doctor he is, he goes the extra mile for his patients. He has taken mission trips to Jerusalem and the West Bank to perform free surgeries. The children in the poor, war torn areas were more than grateful. It is truly a blessing to have Dr. saad Saad as a pediatric surgeon. Learn more: https://about.me/ssaad/getstarted


One of the leading patents that Dr. Saad Saad has filed for is Methods and Apparatus for Providing Suction and/or Irrigation in a Rigid Endoscope While Maintaining Visual Contact with a Target Area Through the Endoscope. This patented invention is meant to make the use of endoscopes easier. Surgeons use an endoscope to search through a patient’s body during a surgery. This can be dangerous work, and it requires pinpoint accuracy. The tool can be used anywhere – the throat, stomach, spleen, intestines, heart, windpipe. The tiny optical lens gives doctors a full view of what is going on inside the patient’s body. The tool has detected problems that doctors did not anticipate, and it has been vital for the practice of surgery for decades. It is important to know what is going on inside of a patient prior to cutting them open for surgery. Dr. Saad saad invented an attachment that will allow doctors to drain away excess fluid that may be blocking a doctor’s view. The suction-irrigation has been instrumental in providing doctors with a clearer view of the patient’s body. The fluids have the potential to fog up the lens, so Dr. Saad Saad’s suction-irrigation attachment has been completely revolutionary to the medical field. He has saved lives and made surgeries much safer.

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