The Role Of McDonald’s In the Growth And Expansion Of OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the leading privately owned companies in America in the sector of Meat processing. The company started more than a century ago as a local butcher shop owned by a German Immigrant. Though it took the company almost a century to get to where it is, the company still stands out in the industry in more than one way.

After a few years of running as a butcher shop, the owner of the business decided to expand into supplying meat at wholesale price. This lead to the expansion of the business from a single branch in Illinois Chicago to three locations. Perhaps the big break for the company came when it was commissioned by McDonald’s as one of its suppliers when the company was coming up.

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About OSI Group McDonalds

OSI Group McDonalds is the largest fast food company in America. The company owns a network of restaurants in different parts of the continent is reported serves more than 60 million customers every single day. The company was established in 1940 with a single restaurant based in California’s San Bernardino area that has since then grown into a chain. The founders of the company are Richard and Maurice McDonald who are also its operators. The company is known for foods such as their famous hamburger among other food and drink varieties as well as deserts. Forbes reports that the company is the second largest in terms of the number of employees with an employee count of more than 1.8 million just behind Walmart. The company commissioned OSI Group in the year 1995 when the company opened branches in Chicago.

The partnership between OSI Food Solutions and McDonalds’s

When Ray Kroc launched the Des Plaines, Illinois branch of OSI Group McDonalds, OSI Group, which was still going by the name Otto and Sons was the go-to supplier following the reputation that the company has made for itself in the meat supplying business. Soon OSI Group McDonalds employed new technologies that allowed the company to expand in terms of production leading to an expanded partnership with the chain of restaurants. This partnership still exists up to date with the two companies complimenting each other’s growth. Wall Street Journal Recap which is an online retailer based in China is taking a chance with the package delivery market in the country. The Chinese parcel delivery service is very competitive, and has decided to open its logistics network to ship parcels for its consumers and businesses. The company announced this move on Thursday and the first trial would be for businesses and consumers in Shangai, Guangzhou, and Beijing. The company has incorporated this delivery system in its app so that their clientele can send and receive packages domestically using the company’s app. Through the app, WeChat, the customers can make pickup requests. The WeChat app is a social messaging app that connects thousands of users throughout China. competes with Alibaba which is another an e-commerce firm in the country, and they hope to surpass them by expanding their services to include both business and residential deliveries. This would be done between two points in areas in China, and this will prompt trucks and vans to move the goods into a broader network. This would put them in competition with other e-commerce retailers such as ZTO express and United Parcel Service. The company assures that their network logistics can reach up to 99% of the population and deliver packages on the same day to 90% of the orders made.

Zhenui Wang who is the CEO of the company spoke saying that they have been building these logistics for over a decade and this step is a way of leveraging faces stiff competition from Alibaba and Amazon Inc. Amazon Inc is preparing to establish a delivery system in the US, and it has invested heavily on branded trailers and cargo operations. and Alibaba continue to fight for the market share of package delivery with logging in 122.3 billion yuan. However they losses are significant as they spend so much on automated warehouses and other top notch technology. The distribution network at now stands at 15 logistics park, 7000 delivery and pickup stations and close to 500 warehouses.

A Comprehensive Guide to Freedom Checks

If you have been hunting around for a productive investment opening, we guesstimate that you have heard of Freedom Checks, advertised as one of the best money-spinning schemes. But what is it? How would you get the checks?Ensuing are comprehensive clarifications to your trepidation.

What are Freedom Checks?

The investment structure works like the conventional stock investing. However, in this scheme, you invest in shares from US-based companies that focus on drilling, refining, and distributing oil or gas. The companies are collectively termed as Master Limited Partnerships.

What are Master Limited Partnerships?

It is a group of oil and gas companies operating in the US’ natural resource sector. The law dictates the MLPs to generate 90% of their profits from US’ natural resources. Presently, there are 568 firms documented as MLPs.Unlike the traditional dividend investing, the government does not tax the earnings spawned from this new investment opening.

Who is the intellect behind Freedom Checks?

They were discovered by Matt Badiali, a respected natural resource expert. The geologist found the checks while steering his regular research on the world’s natural resource industry.

How do you venture into this investment scheme?

Mr. Badiali says that it is as simple investing way as in Apple or Google’s shares. You identify an MLP of your choice and buy its stocks. After purchasing the stocks, the MLP will be reimbursing monthly or quarterly bonuses into your brokerage account.

How much can you yield from the investment scheme?

According to Mr. Badiali, the investment scheme can yield as much as $50,000 a month. However, the earnings will differ depending on one’s an  initial investment amount. For instance, entrepreneurs who buy more shares are likely to receive better payouts than their colleagues who buy fewer shares.

Is the investment opening legit?

Yes, freedom checks are legitimate. Unlike the many offensive schemes out there, you will be trading on stocks from US-based MLPs. The companies use your capital to fund their operations. Subsequently, they share part of their proceeds to the investors. Moreover, MLPs are controlled by US’ Statute 26-F tax code that exempts MLPs from taxes.

The Successful Growth of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a leading company in the investment management industry, with a wide portfolio of investment titles and assets under their name, and many satisfied customers service that use their management services to improve their investments and their financial situation.The firm Fortress Investment Group is located in New York, and it’s been growing more and more throughout the company’s years acting in the market. Fortress Investment Group currently holds $40 billion in assets under management from customers of various backgrounds.The outstanding expert leaders of the company have decades of experience in the industry. Gareth Henry, a mathematics and financial administration enthusiast, is one of the leaders of the corporation. Randal A.

Nardone, the founder of the company, principal and chairman at the board of directors, is a financial expert who has years of background with all sorts of investments and strategies.Gareth Henry was a graduate of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. His expertise in finances led him to become the Global Head of Investors Relations and the Director of Strategic Solutions of Schroders Plc.The Fortress Investment Group has developed many tools to help create assessing and personal strategies to their customers and companies that require a financial plan. The group is also involved with merging and acquisition (M&A), with years of experience in successfully merging different brands and services together, as well as helping business owners expand their reach.

The company Fortress Investment Group has investors who have dealt with M&A, equity and other types of investments before. With dedicated employees, advisors, stakeholders and active investors, customers have access to a wide plethora of experts in financial administration.If you own a company and are in need of structuring,important business strategizing and a successful execution of your financial plan, it is important to hire a dedicated group such as the Fortress Investment. The corporation was founded in 1998 as a small firm proposing financial solutions for business and home owners from all backgrounds.As of October of 2018, the company has already accumulated more than 900 assets under management, with hundreds of employees at the customers’ disposal. They have more than 2000 expert investment professionals both at their headquarters in New York and their affiliate offices.

Freedom Checks and MLPs

Freedom Checks are cash payments made to shareholders of publicly traded companies called Master Limited partnerships(MLPs). To be classified as an MLP, a company must be in the energy industry and it has to pass on 90 percent of its profit onto shareholders. Freedom Checks are issued for American companies based on 26 U.S. Code 7704 Subdivision F. This allows them to be a form of payment that is not subject to federal taxes.

Freedom Checks were a way to provide an incentive for people to invest in the oil and gas companies. The laws regarding MPLs were passed in 1981 during Nixon’s presidency as an incentive to produce domestic oil and gas in the United States.

There are approximately 568 companies that are classified as MLPs. Every year they issue over 34 billion dollars to shareholders in the form of Freedom Checks. They work in a way that is similar to dividend payments from investments. Just like market shares, the payout depends on the value of the company and the payments are issued on a quarterly basis. Freedom Checks are received in the same way that dividends from a traditional investment in stocks would be. Like with any other investment, their annual yield varies from company to company but MPLs typically average around five percent. They tend to be a type of slow growth investment that is low risk.

The reason why MPLs can remain stable while oil and gas prices fluctuate is that many of the companies involved are responsible for transporting these commodities and provide services that are not outright dependent on the current value for fossil fuels. Investing in an MLP carries similar benefits and risks as investing in other types of stocks. It can serve as an additional way to build wealth over time by providing an additional source of passive income.

Adam Milstein Is A Real Estate Investor Who Seeks To Promote Jewish-American Heritage

BAdam Milstein is a businessman, real estate investor, and philanthropist. Adam Milstein was born in Israel to parents who had immigrated to the country during the founding of the country. He fought in the Yom Kippur War during his mandatory military service. His family immigrated to the United States in 1981. He then went onto earn an MBA from the University of Southern California.


Adam Milstein then went onto work in the commercial real estate market. He currently works as the managing partner for Hagar Pacific Properties. Hagar Pacific Properties is a major real estate holder of commercial and industrial properties in Southern California. Adam Milstein specializes in purchasing run down properties and rehabilitating them. He largely works in commercial, office, industrial, and multifamily properties.


Adam Milstein is dedicated to philanthropy with him dedicated to helping young Jewish-Americans. He believes in encouraging young people to have pride in the Jewish heritage, an understanding of Jewish culture, and an interest in promoting the State of Israel. He also seeks to encourage a productive relationship between America and Israel.


Adam Milstein is working towards these philanthropic goals in a number of ways. He founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation with his wife. He is also the co-founder and current chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He also holds major positions on a number of Jewish-American groups that engage in a variety of philanthropic activities ranging from promoting Jewish heritage to providing families with books in Hebrew. Milstein is particularly active on American college campuses with him leading organizations that seek to develop a sense of Jewish community for young people who are developing their identity. One of Milstein’s greatest accomplishments is organizing the first Campus Maccabees summit this summit sought to organize efforts between fifty different major pro-Israel groups. Milstein is considered to be a major force behind positive American Israeli relationships with the Jerusalem Post listing him as one of the top fifty most influential Jews.

Whitney Wolfe Is Time Magazine’s 2018 Person Of The Year As Ex-Tinder Co-founder Emulates Bumble

Ex-Tinder co-founder has gone public for the first time to say that she loves Bumble. She was particulate on why she now loves the dating app, the reason why she wants to emulate it on her site. The ex-Tinder co-founder has noted with concern that several dating sites and apps in the market do not offer subscribers privacy. Besides, she opines that Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble is exceptional in many areas. On the contrast, Whitney Wolfe has shown the world that she is capable of managing a much safer online dating site that perhaps is the world’s number one in ensuring that there is no female harassment. This is why Tinder wants to copy in her business. She wants to run a reputable online platform that respects the rights of women. More about of Whitney Wolfe at FastCompany

Bumble Honored By Time Magazine

Whitney has put deliberate efforts to ensure that women are safe when finding perfect partners online. The recent honor by Time Magazine is perhaps the notable thing that will make Whitney Wolfe happy. The magazine named Whitney Wolfe the Person of The Year 2018 for her efforts to ensure women are safe when they are in the verge of looking for partners.

Time Magazine gave four reasons why it chose Bumble and its founder Whitney Wolfe for the award.

The App Empowers Women

Women are the majority of Bumble’s subscribers. Some of these are not just ordinary women but elite, high-end professional women who deserve better treatment. For this reason, Bumble gives both men and women the liberty to chat and plan for a date. However, it stands out that Whitney Wolfe’s site only allows women to start a conversation.

Cuts Ties With Facebook

When Whitney started Bumble, she developed close ties with social media giant, Facebook. For one to become a member, they had to have a Facebook account. That is not the case now. Following recent reports that Facebook failed to protect clients’ data agitated Wolfe thus cut ties with Facebook.

Bans Use Of Guns

There’s no use of violent words, emblems of violence such as weapons that include guns. While the world has a diverse view of the use of guns, Whitney Wolfe has refused to accept their use on Bumble.

No To Match Group

Recently, Match Group, another online dating app approached Bumble a few months ago for a business partnership. She did not accept the offer thus stood with her women.




The Contributions of Fortress Investment Group’s Co-founder to its Success

In erecting a firm, there are several things to be considered and the essential one being the presence of willing individuals to become its co-founder and such scenario existed in 1998 when three colleagues who comprised of Randal Nardone, Wes, and Kaufman teamed up. They resolved to work jointly thus establishing the asset control firm which is also known as Fortress Investment Group with its first headquarters placed in New York City. Due to the growth, it was experiencing in 2014, and it set up several additional offices in different geographical areas such as in Asia, Shanghai, San Francisco, and Singapore.

In 2007, Fortress Investment Group became part of the stock market trade of New York thus being the first private capital firm to be operated in public. Under its roof, it has a capacity of over 900 people who are employed as management experts. Also, the firm has proven that it cares a lot for its clients to the extent of being characterized as trendsetter due to its habit of being involved in investment strategies which are risk-adjusted income. It has primary expertise in investment management and providing debt funds, and private equity is the only way out that has been identified. It also has experts who aid in the delivery of services such as managing and pricing of the physical and financial assets.

The issue of the acquisition of Fortress Group by the famous Japanese multinational is one that has brought a lot of controversial debates among the investors and the other competitors who understand very little about the purpose of that transaction. They have criticized the company of making a decision that was seemingly suicidal. However, the management of Fortress Group, led by Randal Nardone has emerged from the silence and shed light on the investors, telling them that the move that they made was client-oriented. They continued to confirm that they were expecting to reap sweet fruits from the transaction shortly.

In conclusion, Fortress Investment Group has succeeded in its operations management via developing robust tools which have helped a lot as well as making it possible to extract the value straight from the complex investment. Also, the assessing of the structural, operational and facets trending became successful due to the appropriate control of the Group’s portfolio. Since the existence of Fortress Investment Group, it has achieved a lot including nurturing managers who are well equipped with skills and knowledge to manage its mergers and Acquisitions.