The Successful Growth of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a leading company in the investment management industry, with a wide portfolio of investment titles and assets under their name, and many satisfied customers service that use their management services to improve their investments and their financial situation.The firm Fortress Investment Group is located in New York, and it’s been growing more and more throughout the company’s years acting in the market. Fortress Investment Group currently holds $40 billion in assets under management from customers of various backgrounds.The outstanding expert leaders of the company have decades of experience in the industry. Gareth Henry, a mathematics and financial administration enthusiast, is one of the leaders of the corporation. Randal A.

Nardone, the founder of the company, principal and chairman at the board of directors, is a financial expert who has years of background with all sorts of investments and strategies.Gareth Henry was a graduate of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. His expertise in finances led him to become the Global Head of Investors Relations and the Director of Strategic Solutions of Schroders Plc.The Fortress Investment Group has developed many tools to help create assessing and personal strategies to their customers and companies that require a financial plan. The group is also involved with merging and acquisition (M&A), with years of experience in successfully merging different brands and services together, as well as helping business owners expand their reach.

The company Fortress Investment Group has investors who have dealt with M&A, equity and other types of investments before. With dedicated employees, advisors, stakeholders and active investors, customers have access to a wide plethora of experts in financial administration.If you own a company and are in need of structuring,important business strategizing and a successful execution of your financial plan, it is important to hire a dedicated group such as the Fortress Investment. The corporation was founded in 1998 as a small firm proposing financial solutions for business and home owners from all backgrounds.As of October of 2018, the company has already accumulated more than 900 assets under management, with hundreds of employees at the customers’ disposal. They have more than 2000 expert investment professionals both at their headquarters in New York and their affiliate offices.

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