Fortress investment Group Growth and Affiliations.

The firm was established in 1998 and is led by Randy Nardone as the chief executive officer along Pete Briger and Wes Edens. It’s an alternative asset investment firm that deals in private credit, equity hedge funds and other forms of asset investment. It was also named the first private equity investment group to go public back in 2007. Since it’s establishment, the company has been a trendsetter in matters of alternative investment. It chooses to invest in places where their clients can enjoy sizable risk-adjusted returns in the long run. Fortress investment group has over 900 employees serving over 1750 investors. In its headquarters alone, based in New York, the firm manages over 40 million dollars in assets. Over the years, the fortress investment group has received a number of recognition in the business world. In 2004, the firm was named the ” Institution Investment Hedge Fund Manager of Year” by institution investment magazine June 30th issue and others from friends in the finance industry. The firm has been involved in major acquisitions and partnerships over the years to expand its market reach. One of the biggest partnerships that the firm has been involved in is the iPass / Fortress partnership. The deal makes it possible for iPass lock down competitive advantage over other connectivity firms. IPass provides Wi-Fi connectivity globally and with the 20 million dollars boost from the Fortress’s deal, the firm will be able to deliver and become profitable faster than anticipated. Another deal that Fortress was involved in is the acquisition by Softbank which was valued at 3.3 billion dollars. Softbank is known for investing in promising start-up businesses like Fortress investment group. The firm is a Japanese technology-communication based organization led by Masayoshi Son. The firm, Fortress, a class A stakeholder will get 8.08 dollars a share while Softbank gets to open a new branch in London called Softbank financial services. This deal also helps Softbank achieve its goal of being the largest alternative investment manager in the world. These, listed above, are amongst the deals that fortress investment group has always been involved with and been part of over the past few years. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

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