A Comprehensive Guide to Freedom Checks

If you have been hunting around for a productive investment opening, we guesstimate that you have heard of Freedom Checks, advertised as one of the best money-spinning schemes. But what is it? How would you get the checks?Ensuing are comprehensive clarifications to your trepidation.

What are Freedom Checks?

The investment structure works like the conventional stock investing. However, in this scheme, you invest in shares from US-based companies that focus on drilling, refining, and distributing oil or gas. The companies are collectively termed as Master Limited Partnerships.

What are Master Limited Partnerships?

It is a group of oil and gas companies operating in the US’ natural resource sector. The law dictates the MLPs to generate 90% of their profits from US’ natural resources. Presently, there are 568 firms documented as MLPs.Unlike the traditional dividend investing, the government does not tax the earnings spawned from this new investment opening.

Who is the intellect behind Freedom Checks?

They were discovered by Matt Badiali, a respected natural resource expert. The geologist found the checks while steering his regular research on the world’s natural resource industry.

How do you venture into this investment scheme?

Mr. Badiali says that it is as simple investing way as in Apple or Google’s shares. You identify an MLP of your choice and buy its stocks. After purchasing the stocks, the MLP will be reimbursing monthly or quarterly bonuses into your brokerage account.

How much can you yield from the investment scheme?

According to Mr. Badiali, the investment scheme can yield as much as $50,000 a month. However, the earnings will differ depending on one’s an  initial investment amount. For instance, entrepreneurs who buy more shares are likely to receive better payouts than their colleagues who buy fewer shares.

Is the investment opening legit?

Yes, freedom checks are legitimate. Unlike the many offensive schemes out there, you will be trading on stocks from US-based MLPs. The companies use your capital to fund their operations. Subsequently, they share part of their proceeds to the investors. Moreover, MLPs are controlled by US’ Statute 26-F tax code that exempts MLPs from taxes.

Freedom Checks and MLPs

Freedom Checks are cash payments made to shareholders of publicly traded companies called Master Limited partnerships(MLPs). To be classified as an MLP, a company must be in the energy industry and it has to pass on 90 percent of its profit onto shareholders. Freedom Checks are issued for American companies based on 26 U.S. Code 7704 Subdivision F. This allows them to be a form of payment that is not subject to federal taxes.

Freedom Checks were a way to provide an incentive for people to invest in the oil and gas companies. The laws regarding MPLs were passed in 1981 during Nixon’s presidency as an incentive to produce domestic oil and gas in the United States.

There are approximately 568 companies that are classified as MLPs. Every year they issue over 34 billion dollars to shareholders in the form of Freedom Checks. They work in a way that is similar to dividend payments from investments. Just like market shares, the payout depends on the value of the company and the payments are issued on a quarterly basis. Freedom Checks are received in the same way that dividends from a traditional investment in stocks would be. Like with any other investment, their annual yield varies from company to company but MPLs typically average around five percent. They tend to be a type of slow growth investment that is low risk.

The reason why MPLs can remain stable while oil and gas prices fluctuate is that many of the companies involved are responsible for transporting these commodities and provide services that are not outright dependent on the current value for fossil fuels. Investing in an MLP carries similar benefits and risks as investing in other types of stocks. It can serve as an additional way to build wealth over time by providing an additional source of passive income.

Freedom Checks are Real After All

With the advent of the internet, there is also the growth of online services. That means that there are plenty of opportunities for people to commit scams. These are often fraudulent schemes seeking to take advantage of innocent investors who are willing to put their money in a business. In turn, they use these investor’s personal details to gain from their business ventures. These criminal offenses have misled many people who are willing to try out different investments in other ventures. That is why when Matt Badiali started talking about freedom checks in a video he released a few months ago the ordinary Americans asked if it is a legit investment idea.

Badiali’s Input

Matt Badiali boasts of more than twenty years of experience in the investment industry. He studied natural resources for two decades. That is why he is regarded as an expert in the energy, mining as well as agriculture industries. Over the years, Badiali has lectured geology at the prominent Duke University. He has also taught at the prestigious University of North Carolina. That explains why he is proactive when it comes to making investment decisions in these industries. In his line of work, he met the likes of T. Boone Pickens, a legendary oilman with extensive experience in mining and investment.

Breaking it Down

Badiali’s visibility has increased since he released the video on freedom checks. In it, he reiterates that this investment idea is a direct product of America’s objective of being oil independent in the next few years. The oil industry controls freedom checks. It is also focused on the gas industry. Since there is a massive decrease of oil imported from the Middle East and an increase in oil and gas production in America, the companies controlling these industries are poised to generate a lot of profits in future. This will enable them to part with about $34.6 billion in freedom checks. When it comes to getting back your dividends, freedom checks will issue high rates to investors. Of course, this will only happen through MLPs. Without a doubt, Badiali can be trusted to guide investors on where to put their monetary resources.