OSI Food Solutions Merges with Turi Foods

The growth of a company is solely dependent on many factors. Well, potential may exist in the various industries. Nevertheless, for the organization to thrive on the existent potential, visionary leaders must be present within the company. As for OSI Food Solutions, the company signifies growth from grass to grace. Since the organization’s leadership has always been accorded to visionary individuals, the company has even expanded globally. The global expansion was solely dependent on the vision of Sheldon Lavin who serves as the CEO of OSI.

Background Information

Since OSI Food Solutions was able to explore foreign waters in relation to their global growth, the acquisition and mergers with various companies globally have come in handy. Among the companies that have been acquired are such as Turi Foods. Turi Foods is an Australian based company that has merged together with OSI. The merger has led to the rebranding of Turi Foods to Turosi Pty Ltd.

About Turi Foods

Turi Foods is an Australian based company that deals in poultry farming and also processing. As a renowned company in Australia, the merger with OSI Food Solutions will come in handy since it will revolutionize the food industry in Australia. The company’s operations will still be held in the various plants that were owned by Turi Foods.

Additional Information

Well, Turi Foods is a family-owned enterprise. Over the years, the company has been able to carve its name in the Australian poultry sector. The services of the company have been outsourced by supermarkets, fast food joints, butcher shops, chicken retailers, among other entities that deal in poultry products. Since Turi Foods was an already established company, the merger with OSI Food Solutions will be advantageous to both companies since they have a lot to gain from each other.


OSI Food Solutions has gone ahead and acknowledged that the merger would enable both organizations to learn from each other since they are renowned companies dealing in food processing. Additionally, the fact that OSI and Turi Foods have been able to form a strong reputation with their customers over the years will be of mutual benefit. Furthermore, by working together, both companies are bound to prosper indefinitely.

The Day to Day Operations of Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is an elderly care facility with over 20 years of operation under its belt.The facility is located in the southern coast of England, and is ran by its two joint chairmen, Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. Boghani has an extensive background in hotel management while Sachedina is an oral surgeon. Together, they have put their expertise in the management and medical fields in order to run a successful healthcare company. Today, Sussex Healthcare has over 20 facilities operating under Boghani and Sachedina. Some of these facilities include a top-tier gym, and a day care center.

Sussex healthcare not only operates live-in facilities for the elderly, they also specialize in caring for people with degenerative diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. They also provide care for younger adults with cognitive disabilities and individuals who require round the clock intensive care. The company provides extensive, ongoing training for their staff, who are dedicated to making Sussex Healthcare residents feel more at home than ever. Providing resources, education, and hands-on experience for their staff is one of the contributing factors to the company’s success.

Furthermore, the healthcare facilities operates under the principle that every resident who is receiving care at one of their facilities is entitled to quality leisure time, just like any other person. This is why all of their healthcare facilities encourage residents to engage with their environment, socialize, maintain an active lifestyle, and enjoy themselves.

In march, 2018, Sussex Healthcare announced that Amanda Morgan-Taylor would be taking over as CEO of the company. Morgan-Taylor began her career as a mental health nurse in 1984 and has since held a long and successful career in the healthcare industry. She maintains that her goal within healthcare industry is to aim for the betterment of treatment of elderly people and people with cognitive disabilities. Morgan-Taylor also has vast experience with auditing and complying with any and all healthcare regulations. This, along with her experience is what made her a good fit to take over as CEO of the company.

The compnay’s goal is to help people live a full and happy life. Their staff is there to help patients feel at home, welcome, and well taken care of. They have seven residential homes that provide residents with meals and accommodations, as well an active social life. Additional therapeutic programs are also part of their daily operations.