A Corrupt Arizona Sheriff Actions Helped to Establish the Frontera Fund

Many people might not be aware of the Frontera Fund, but this is an important non-profit financial source. The money from the Frontera Fund is used to support pro-immigration and migrant groups. Civil Rights organizations can also have access to this funding as well. This financial source helps to provide the money that is needed to improve the lives of illegal immigrants, to protect their rights and to provide them with legal services when they need them the most.


The Frontera Fund was created by two men who reside in Arizona back in 2013. The names of these men are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They are the owners of the Phoenix New Times paper. In 2007 the paper owners ran a series of articles exposing a corrupt Maricopa County Sheriff name Joe Arpaio. This man was the former sheriff of Maricopa County for nearly 25 years. He served in that office from 1993 to 2017.


During his time as sheriff, Arpaio supposedly did a lot of things that were wrong and even downright criminal. Some of his wrongdoings were never officially proven. However, many of his indiscretions were. It is a known fact that the former Sheriff Arpaio would profile Latino people in his jurisdiction. He also ran a tent city jail back in the 90s where the inmates lived in poor conditions. It is a known fact that people died in his jails and his department had botched many investigations which allowed criminals to go free.


When Larkin and Lacey reported these transgressions by the former sheriff, he did not like being exposed. As a result of their actions, Arpaio had both of the men arrested and thrown into jail. He came to their homes in the middle of the night and arrested both men. He dragged them off to jail and kept them in their overnight.


Sheriff Arpaio used a subpoena to carry out the arrests but they did not give a valid reason to have the men detained. Arpaio wanted to take the newspaper owners have them locked up to keep the public form learning about his actions as a leading lawman in the state. This incident took place in 2007.


Larkin and Lacey only spent one night in jail. The next day there was a huge protest outside of that jail and the men were freed. The two men decided to sue the sheriff’s department for the violation of their constitutional rights. Six years later, the men won this case and was granted well over 3 million dollars.