Discussing The RealReal Instagram Photos

The latest photo on their Instagram page is a picture of an African-American woman standing in front of a white woman and the caption reads double trouble. I’m not really sure what message they’re trying to convey with this picture but it seems as if they’re attempting to promote racial equality. There’s also an image of a diamond at the end of the caption which seems to be a reference to the earrings the white woman is wearing. The next photo on their Instagram account is that of a chair with a purse in it and what appears to be a feather duster leaning against it. The caption just reads Burberry. Again, it’s not really clear what message they’re attempting to convey here but, seeing as Burberry is a fashion company, I assume it has something to do with them.

It currently has 503 likes. The RealReal is one of the leaders in authenticated luxury consignment. This online startup recently launched back in 2011 and has constantly been growing its physical presence ever since, taking over space previously occupied by such famous retailers as toys r us, radio shack, rue 21, and other business that have since gone bankrupt. Currently, they have just one brick and mortar store located in the Soho neighborhood of New York. However, they are currently set to launch another location in the Los Angeles area. Finally, another one of their Instagram photos is a picture of high heels with a caption that reads crystal Balenciaga or pink Gucci.

Of course, that’s a direct reference to the types of heels in the picture and it seems these are some of the shoes the company sells. So clearly the goal of this image is to promote their products in an effort to sell more of their clothes.

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